Stock investment is one of the mostly considered among different kind of investments. Online stock trading traits such as the fast and easy process is one of the reasons why many considered opening stock trading account. Here are steps on How to OPEN AN ONLINE STOCK TRADING ACCOUNT in the PHILIPPINES. I recommend doing research […]

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Summer is about to end and back to school 2018 is in the corner. Parents are prepping kids for new class. College students are feeling independent to shop for school supplies and some dorm essentials. New clothes, new shoes, gadgets and some other school needs make every student motivated for the new school year. Feel […]

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Hey yah! FOR YOUR INFO, please read the site DISCLOSURE POLICY This site accepts ad advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation through some blog posts. Disclaimer is in respective post. Not every post in this site has affiliate or sponsorship. It’s hard to make a review or share views without experiencing it. […]


Do it yourself (DIY) professional makeup look

Big occasion demands for a look that is different from the everyday makeup that we wear. Achieve the Do it yourself (DIY) professional makeup look by touching every steps from preparing your skin, concealing blemishes, and up to putting the lipstick on. The following includes the tips and tricks that professional makeup artist do to […]

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How to grow tomato plants

Its nice to have a fresh tomato from your garden to table. The following are answers and ideas to How to grow tomato plants with TIPS and DIYs for gardening. Seed-starting vs Buying tomato plant If you are planning to grow tomatoes from seeds, you should start six to eight weeks before the last frost […]


Meet the Pinay makeup artist in Italy

The increasing popularity of makeup and beauty industry leads to a high demand for the makeup artists. The growth for the makeup profession is worldwide.  Meet the Pinay makeup artist in Italy, Lalaine. Showing the other side of a professional makeup artist, the fashion,  and the road she take to be a professional. Her works and how […]

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5 essential tips for stock investment

Years of experience thought me these 5 essential tips for stock investment.  It’s always nice to know that in time of need, we always have a backup that will help us to get through. After years of being reluctant and skeptic about stock investment, I decided to open an online stock investment account in June […]

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