Explore Angeles City, Philippines

Share Tweet Share Pin Email There’s a lot of ways to have fun in Angeles City, Philippines. The rich culture, warm connection with the locals and great places to check in are to explore in Angeles City, Philippines. Festivals in Angeles City Hot Air Balloon Festival First of all, the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Quoted as the “weekend of everything that flies”, Hot Air Balloon Festival in Angeles City is the fun weekend that full of activities that every family and group of friends can enjoy. Usually two-day festivals that are full of activities held on February at Clarkfield, Pampanga with. Hot air balloons flights, aircraft flights, skydiving and series of concerts are few of the activities during the festival. Pin Email Sisig Festival and Food Fests Northern Philippines is known not just with the fascinating places to go to but also with the food. Above all of the food fests is Angles City SISIG FESTIVAL. Sisig is a pork dish, dice pork (ear, jowl and snout part) grilled with onion and some spices and serve in a sizzling plate. Anthony Bourdain tried and say that “Sisig is exactly what you need after a few beers and that a perfect food”. Often serve as “pulutan” (food or snacks provided as an accompaniment to alcoholic drinks), this Filipino dish is a must try and can be experienced best in Angeles City. Pin Email Moreover, aside from the famous Sisig Festival, Angeles City host different kinds of Food Fest held in different. These are Culinary events that showcase different and mouthwatering dishes from different places in Northern and some part of the Philippines. People are given the chance to experience food from the local restaurants and from other provinces. Pin Email Angeles City Tigtigan Terakan King Dalan Ever been to Octoberfest? Therefore, explore Angeles City with this street party called “Tigtigan Terakan King Dalan” (literally means Music and Dance on the Street). This is an annual event that attracts hundreds of thousands of party goers. The history might have been forgotten by current generation that this event is originally created to show the resilience of the Filipinos, especially Kapampangan (locals from Pampanga). Because of the tragic and devastating  eruption of Mount Pinatubo  in 1991, Angeles City was a ghost-town like.Consequently, with the goal to encourage and uplift the spirit of the community, Kapampangan rise and inspired to created “Tigtigan Terakan Queng Dalan” in 1192 to inspire the locals of Angeles City. Filipinos, together, show strong spirited community through adversary. Pin Email And nowadays, Tigtigan Tekaran King Dalan continue to grow its popularity. Beer, food, entertainment and many more for this kind of street party. Sinukwan Kapampangan Center for the Arts Angeles City is a home for Sinukwan Kapampangan Center for the Arts. Angeles City is not just a place for festivals, the city is also for rich culture. Sinukwan Kapampangan Cultural Center for the Arts showcases Filipino and Kapampangan cultures through dance, song and music. Interpretation of history, stories less known to the modern community and awareness of the current issues and event are one of the fews that Sinukwan Kapampangan presents. Check Sinukwan Kapampangan facebook for upcoming events here. Pin Email The image above is Sinukwan Kapampangan’s annual “Panata at Panalangin”. Certainly, this event interprets Christianity: life of Christ during holy week (around March or April). Day to night fun activities in Angeles City There’s a lot to see and to do in Angeles City year round. There are malls that will cater you and your family needs. Parks to enjoy outdoor activities. A lot of restaurants with different cuisine to choose from. If you like going out and likes walking to explore, one of a must try in Angeles City is the JUMBO MARGARITA in Margarita Station (Fields Avenue, Angeles City). This Jumbo Margarita comes with a margarita glass-shaped wooden souvenir that you and your friends can make a mark on the Pub and on the City. Pin Email Moreover, if you love to jog while on a trip, enjoy a walk or run in different parks. Bayanihan Park is accessible park to explore the city while shedding some of the last night’s dinner. Pin Email There’s a lot of Angeles City to offer, and you can check some of the places like: Museo Ning Angeles Holy Rosary Parish Church Shrine of the Miraculous Apung Mamacalulu Malls – SM City Clark, Marquee Mall and Robinsons Parks and Outdoor – AirForce City Park (Clark Field) and Zoocobia Sun Zoo (Claark Field) Next time you go to Philippines, go north and explore Angeles City to experience rich culture and have fun. CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE MORE OF PHILIPPINES!!! CEBU CITY is the PHILIPPINE’S QUEEN CITY OF SOUTH, CLICK HERE TO KNOW WHY. Don’t hesitate to ask and email me therandomlady.chai@gmail.com. I hope you find this helpful to guide you explore Angeles City, Philippines. Share Tweet Share Pin Email