The Pinay makeup artist in Italy

Share Tweet Share Pin Email The increasing popularity of makeup and beauty industry leads to a high demand for the makeup artists. The growth for the makeup profession is worldwide. And one of them is the Pinay makeup artist in Italy. Pin Email Meet the Pinay makeup artist in Italy, Lalaine. Showing the other side of a professional makeup artist, the fashion,  and the road she take to be a professional. Her works and how the clients talk about it. And the life of a Pinay makeup artist in Italy. The other side of the Pinay makeup artist Lalaine is a professional dancer. She is happy to connect with people through art. The backstage experience helps her enhance the skills as a makeup artist. Pin Email This Pinay makeup artist in Italy has a Youtube channel where she share her life and the life as a makeup artist. Numerous videos and vlogs are uploaded for makeup ideas. Pin Email Pinay Makeup artist in Italy is a Fashionista Lalaine is gearing herself up with the confidence and fashion. Her instagram account shows her good taste with clothing. Pin Email The making of Pinay Makeup artist in Italy  Aside from the makeup experience during her stage performances, Lalaine attended different classes and received certificates to be a professional makeup artist. One of the many classes she attended is in Maquillage Professional School of Makeup Artistry. Pin Email   Pin Email Pin Email Experience, education and passion lead Lalaine to build Magnificence Professional Makeup by Lalaine Axalan. The Artworks of Pinay Makeup artist in Italy  Lalaine’s clients are worldwide. And some of her works are best presented through pictures. Pin Email Pin Email Pin Email Lalaine do haistyles as well. This makes her a unique professional makeup artist. Pin Email Pin Email Hear some of the words of the clients of this Pinay Makeup artist in Italy. Her works makes the clients beautiful and happy. Pin Email Pin Email Pin Email Pin Email Passing on the talent From a student to a Mentor. Lalaine  conduct workshops to many enthusiasts. She started teaching makeup classes last September 2015. The next workshop will be on August 2018. Pin Email As a happy wife and mother The Pinay makeup artist is a happy wife and mother. Lalaine don’t mind the busy schedule as a professional makeup artist as she has the supportive husband and a wonderful son. Pin Email Want to try a professional makeup look? GET THE IDEAS HERE Where to find the Pinay Makeup artist Facebook Instagram Youtube Lalaine is the Pinay makeup artist in Italy. One of the best experience she is having with her profession is to travel. Sometimes the travels include her family. Also, as a professional makeup artist, she is able to meet celebrities and person with big names in the industry. Pin Email Magnificence Professional Makeup by Lalaine Axalan  is her lifetime artwork. God keep her strength to continue to touch other’s life positively and in beautiful way as a professional makeup artist. Pin Email Hope you enjoy this beautiful post and please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail for comments or suggestions. Thank you! I would love to hear from you! Please send me an email Share Tweet Share Pin Email