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Do it yourself (DIY) professional makeup look

Big occasion demands for a look that is different from the everyday makeup that we wear. Achieve the Do it yourself (DIY) professional makeup look by touching every steps from preparing your skin, concealing blemishes, and up to putting the lipstick on. The following includes the tips and tricks that professional makeup artist do to create a flawless look.

A first thing first is the skin because better skin will give you better makeup look. Knowing your skin type is important. This comes along way specially when getting the right shade of foundation, concealer or corrector, and the rest of the layers of makeup that you will be needed.


To start, with clean face apply the right moisturizer depending on your skin type. For oily type of skin, you can oil control spray before applying the moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer or Serum with vitamins

by hand and massage the skin. Prepping the skin payoff to make the makeup last longer. You can also use 1 in 1 product like 2 in 1, moisturizer with the primer.

Correcting and concealing blemishes are important in prepping the skin especially in the under eye area. Choose the right shade of corrector according to the discolored area (example, for blue or purple discoloration use yellow concealers or for brown discoloration, use yellow or green concealers). You will know that you made the right corrector if there is a visible brightness underneath the eye. After applying the corrector, apply concealer using concealer blending brush, starting the inner corner of the eye, along the lower lash line, with long smooth stroke.

TIP: invest on the complete set of makeup brushes

that you can use for long period of time.


TIP: To get the right shade of foundation, next time your visit your favorite beauty store, match the color by applying it or make a swatch it to the jawline area. Ask for assistance for the new tester for safely precaution. This is because you want to have the right foundation that blend from forehead to neck. This debunk the myth of apply foundation to the inner wrist as this differs to the skin tone that your face has. Foundation evens out the skin tone.  Apply the foundation using foundation brush or makeup sponge

.Starting from cheek (starting from center to the outer area or going to ear area) to nose then chin lastly the forehead. Also, don’t forget to apply some to your ear and neck.


Powder smooth and finish the complexion and target the unwanted shine. TIP: pick concealer product that comes with the setting powder that can be applied in the under eye area. When applying powder in the under eye area, gently press on the top of the concealer, then softly stroke and dust it off.  Next is applying the powder to the T-ZONE first then the rest of the face. Use powder brush and apply just the right amount of powder. Sheer finish powder that matches the foundation perfectly and enhanced the skin tone. This prevent the unwanted shine and control the oil throughout the day.


Do it yourself (DIY) professional makeup look comes along way with the right contour. Bronzer is essential to warmth, define and illuminate the skin. Using bronzer brush, start the forehead, to cheekbone, chin, and jawline down to the neck. This is like sketching number 3 starting from forehead to cheekbone and jawline, then blend.


Layer blush on top of the bronzer. Smile and place the blush on the apple of the cheek to look bright and lifted.

After prepping the skin, next is the eye area.



Naturally defined and shaped brow stands out. This helps frame the shape. It’s practical to have a two-shade brow pencil, waterproof brow gel

or powder for defining and fill in the color. Start with brushing up the head of the brow and sparse. Then fill in the arch for optimum lift then finish off at the tail of the brow by tapering to fine point.

After shaping the brow next will be defining the eyes.


Define the eye by applying long-wear eye base (or primer) with skin tone correct to the eye lid. This extends the wear of powder eye shadow up to 8 hours and neutralizes any uneven color in the eyelids. TIP: always have the white color or neutral color in your Pallete. This white shadow or neutral color is applied from brow bone to the lash line to brighten the entire lid before applying the desired eye shadow that you want to wear. Use eyelid brush and blend to the desired look, smokey eye as an example.

Next is the liner application. Use a long-wear gel eye-liner and eyeliner brush. Put enough amount of the gel liner in the brush for smooth application. Start from the outer corner and gentle stroke along the lash line until to the inner corner of the eye. Make sure that the application is closer to the lash line as possible for full coverage. To fully cover with the eyeliner, you can apply gently into the lash root to prevent any gaps or uneven area.

To finish the eye area, USE SMOKE EYE MASCARA. Start at the root of the lashes. Work in in 3 segments: outer mid and inner to coat every single lash.

Lastly in defining the eye, using the same shade that is applied in the eyelid, apply right at the roots of the lower lid, closer to the roots of the lower lash line, using the eyeliner brush. Then apply a tiny amount of mascara in the lower lash to intensify the look.


Highlight and glow

is to define and blend the total look for natural finish. This is going to be professional-like with your do it yourself (DIY) makeup with this extra steps. This is illuminating by using the highlighting brush or fan brush applies the right amount on the top of cheek bone, brow bone and tip of nose.


From prepping the skin to defining the eye, last but not the least is applying the desired color of lipstick. TIP: for seamless lip liner, apply the lipstick first before the lip liner.

Knowing your skin type, having the tools and the right application of layers of makeups is what it takes to achieve the Do it yourself (DIY) professional makeup look. As skin care is a must, never sleep with your makeup on after the long-day wear of makeup. Use cleansing oil or makeup remover that are safe for your skin type.

For some inspiration for professional makeup look, check Laly in Youtube

Hope this helps you a lot. Stay beautiful!

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