Vlogging for beginners

Vlogging for beginners demand getting to know of must haves for video blogging. There is no doubt of the growing engagement and influence of Social Medias nowadays. Youtube as an example is big platform to share ideas and experiences though videos. “Vlogger” (blogging through video)  or “Youtuber” (a frequent user of the video-sharing website YouTube, especially someone who produces and appears in videos on the site) made different kinds of success. Many enthusiasts can do the same geared with the tools and VLOGGING ESSENTIALS.

Above all of the vlogging essentials is the theme of topic that you will be capturing to share. Gear yourself up with what are you passionate about or topics that you are really good at. As vlogging is sharing information of experiences, you would want to come up with the videos that can build connection to your audience.

After having in mind of what are you going to share through vlogging, you will be needing equipment and tools to produce quality video blogs.


First thing first, is the Camera. Recording is the key for good video presentation. Depending on the type of video sharing that you are making, you will look for the right camera for vlogging essentials.


GroPro is suitable for mobile video recording. This camera is with 4k video and 12MP (megapixel) in single photo and one-button simplicity for mobility, this one best for travel vlogging. Also, the waterproof feature is helpful for outdoor recording.

Digital SLR

The imaging capabilities of Digital SLR cameras is good for video recording. Having a DLSR camera for vlogging offers a lot of flexibility as this comes with wide range of variety for video recording setting. Also, the technology comes with not just for image quality but with reduced noise feature. This is a good investment for vlogging essentials that would go through years.


Camcorder can be used for daytime or dark night. With external microphone and wide angle lens, this can give a quality video recording. This is good for doing a makeup and beauty vlogging or tutorials.

Being resourceful also can contribute to the success of building your channel. In time you can’t invest yet for the camera, you can utilize the function of your phone for video recording.

Lightning System

Video recording with the camera depends on the quality of the lightning. Therefore, lightning is as important of the camera for vlogging essentials. Get the lightning system according to your setup of recording and needs to enhance the quality of your video.

Multi-purpose light ring

This ring light is multi-purpose. It is ideal for video recording and photography. The Led ring light captures the accurate light and color display. The dimmer feature gives flexibility to the amount of light needed for video recording. It can be used for indoor and outdoor video recording. This lightning system is more convenient than umbrella lightning kit and it comes with the mounting system for camera, camcorder or phone.

Video recording accessories

Camera and lightning system on set, take extra step for your vlogging essentials to achieve the quality of your video with the video recording accessories such as  backdrop and background, storage for video files, microphone and tripod.

Backdrop and background

Backdrop is a vlogging essential for a more presentable vlogging. This will help for a neat output of the video and easy editing. Backdrop and backdrop background is one of the best video recording accessories that can have a pro-like video to share.

Storage for video files

This might be a least to consider among the vlogging essentials  but it is so important. It is well known that quality video recording and image capturing demands a good storage of memory. If your recording devices don’t have enough memory, always have a back-up memory or storage. As capturing valuable clips are taken more than once most of the time. Therefore, have a good amount of storage for recorded videos.


Total quality of the video comes with the quality of the sound. There are video recording device that don’t capture clean audio due to many reason like the distance. And this can be solved by microphone.


Nevertheless, if you are using your smart phone or camera for video recording, get a tripod. Tripod gives convenient and stability while video recording.

Editing Software

With everything in place and raw video is produced, all you need is to take the finishing touch, the editing part. Make a research for the editing software that will cater the need for easy and wide range setting for editing. And in doing so, consider the device that you will be using for editing because many editing software works differently in respective device like desktop computer, laptop or tablet. In short, consider the compatibility of the editing software to your device.

Final thought

Resourcefulness, creativity and getting used to your device and tools to produce videos for vlogging are important. Build your audience by producing quality videos to share with the Vloging for beginners essentials. I hope you find this helpful and guide you for your vlogging journey.

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